Boom is an Amplinoid, but has never had a voice and has never followed a path of his own. Living his life selling ice cream from island to island with his brother, was the only life he could imagine, until his brothers sudden departure. His brothers last words to him, before he disappeared, becomes Booms prime motivation to obtain a voice, with the hope of bringing his brother back. In his willingness to try almost anything to obtain a voice, he decides to trade in the Ice-Cream-Truck-boat  in exchange for the Monster Ring, believing that the ring had a mystic power to give him a voice. When it doesn't immediately work, Boom puts the ring in his back pocket, forgetting about it as he delivers ice cream. He begins to have strange dreams, hearing weird voices, and in a moment of self realization, he decides he has to get his truck back, as it is the only thing in the world left of his past. Boom quickly finds that the ring he stashed in his back pocket, has disappeared and not long after, is attacked by a powerful stranger. He is saved by Reboot and soon finds that he is now the marked target in a dangerous game and that he must find a way to avoid being tagged by 99 powerful players, each out to get him.

Booms only hope to ending the game and finding his brother may be the very weapon he has never had... his voice. With the company of a new friend, Reboot, Boom journeys to uncover the truth about the game and power within him.


Reboot is a Recoroid girl with a spirited attitude. She stumbles upon Boom who was being attacked by the powerful stranger. She cares for Boom after saving his life. She is an adventurous girl who becomes fascinated with Boom after finding out that she can hear his voice, when no one else can. Far away from her home, she freely wanders from island to island searching for an elusive beat. Unlike Boom, she is strong willed and passionate about almost everything. Her passionate spirit manifests itself into a special hammer. She is hyper confident in her ability to fix anything, but most of the things she "fixes" malfunction almost immediately. Her tinkering with Boom helmet causes its voice changer to malfunction throughout the journey. She secretly struggles with lacking confidence in her recording abilities but will surprise herself, as her noble spirit prompts her to lead into action, often discovering a new power in herself on the fly. She has fun hitting things with her hammer.... maybe too much fun.

During their journey, Reboot makes it a point to collect items called, "Sound Bytes". By the end of each season, Reboots collection is completed and is revealed as a new "Music Tracks", to which Boom is able to use in combat.


Booms older brother. Boom has learned everything he knows about the ice cream business, from his brother, but it's been years since Bada was last seen. The only words Bada left behind for Boom was, "I will return once... only when you find your voice... you know what to say when you do." It is Badas last words that prompt Boom to seeking ways to obtain his own voice by any means, including trading in his families business in exchange for a mysterious item called the monster ring. 



The objective is to destroy a dangerous individual who is a huge threat to Tikimovia. The only objects that can defeat this individual are special artifacts called "Harpie weapons".  This competition requires 98 players and only the strongest, most talented warriors of the world can wield will be chosen. The public riles when footage of a giant monster arm destroying a building and retreating back into the unconscious Boom, splashes onto the broadcasting screen. It is at this moment Boom and Reboot immediately that the one being targeted in this world event is this ice cream selling mute amplifier boy... Boom.

  • Each episode ends on "Sleep Tight!"
  • It's a game of "Tag" or "Catch the goose" but no one refers to it as such.
  • Boom Narrates the first episode and any episode he is featured mainly on his own. When Boom narrates, it is with his inner voice.
  • Through the series, we learn that Boom is not a mute, but instead can only use low frequency sound and vibrations.
  • Reboot can hear Booms low frequency sounds due to her own gifts as a recorder girl. She can also hear him from long distances.
  • Reboot tweaks Booms Amp Helmet often, causing the helmet to malfunction and give Boom crazy voices in the worst moments.
  • The giant hand/tail Boom grows, belongs to a mysterious beast who is trapped inside of the "Monster Ring" Boom was given. The hand has a mind of its own and will get Boom in and out of much trouble.
  • Boom slowly learns how to use both low and high frequency in small ways. He begins to use unique sounds to manipulate objects, elemental behavior, and his tail...
  • Booms and Reboot learn that there is more to the event and they both set out on a quest to find the truth and put an end to the games while running and fighting off attacks from the 98.
  • Boom starts hearing voices in his head, where he learns the true motive and resolve of the game. Boom and Reboot begin their search for the only resolve for the game.... the "Null."
  • The weapon Reboot steals from Booms first attackers, is the 99th artifact. Reboot is technically Booms opponent.
  • Reboot steals artifacts from other players anytime they defeat them. She can use more than her own weapon, but it depletes her strength quickly.
  • Players have their own reasons for joining the games: Glory, Fame, Fortune, Fun, Hunting, Hatred, or even Power.
  • Boom has 4 original "Music Tracks" he uses to defeat enemies.
  • Boom uses sound frequency to avoid his enemies attacks, but later becomes skilled enough to use original "Music Tracks" in powerful new offense attacks.
  • The Beast inside of Boom escapes Boom once and nearly devours an island. Boom uses sound and ice cream to lure the beast back inside.
  • Action sequences are inspired by action anime DBZ, FLCL, Samurai Champloo, Jackie Chan comedic action, Guy Richie Direction, with a fun Lazymills pace and beat.
  • Calm moments are inspired by Hayao Miyazaki.




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