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Boom Tag X ©2006 Lazymills Production-Shawna Mills. All Rights Reserved.



Living on a boat full of the best ice cream in the world seems like the makings of a sweet life... well at least until, one day it seems like everyone in the world is out to get you.

Boom, a mute boy, becomes the target of a dangerous new game called 'TAG'. With the help of new friends, he must learn how to use sound in order to survive bizarre attacks. Ultimately, He will uncover a dark mystery that holds his world at stake.


BOOM is a jaded boy who lives on a ice cream boat (the last remnants of his family legacy) in the middle of nowhere. He sails from island to island selling ice cream every day and parks the boat in the same spot, in the middle of the sea every night.

There isn't much a lonely boy like Boom can complain about...well, until it seems like everyone he meets wants to kill him. With his new found popularity, Boom is inclined to postpone his daily mediocrity and begin his quest to find the key to ending the game.

With the help of his friend, Reboot, Boom must find a way to fight back using the only weapon he has never had... HIS VOICE.

REBOOT is a girl with a passion for tracking and studying mystery sounds. While tracking a sound to his location, Reboot discovers a distraught Boom. After saving his life she feels an unspoken responsibility to help him end the game .

She is able to hear every word Boom says, to his surprise. Once the game starts, Reboot acquires a special hammer that allows her to preform large attacks using her people's natural abilities.

She harbors inner struggles of her own that limit her abilities. Through helping Boom find his voice, Reboot learns there is no limit to what she can do.

THE MONSTER RING  is a hideous Ring, given to Boom, as ice cream payment, by a strange kid.

The item that unwittingly got Boom into the game. It holds it's own dangerous secrets.

Confidential Materials

Boom Tag X ©2006 Lazymills Production-Shawna Mills. All Rights Reserved.